When to use slow vs. fast ads: Ad speed influences which type of message works best. Slow ads work best to communicate benefits and quality, while fast ads are best for features and prices.

📈Data-Driven Advice: Use slower video ads when highlighting product benefits and quality, such as 'Volvo, go on the dream holiday with your family - safely'. Conversely, use faster video ads when focusing on product features and price, like 'Volvo, now with automatic collision avoidance, lease for $535 per month'. This strategic use of ad speed can significantly impact how attracted viewers are to your message.

The Research: Research conducted by Bryant University and Kookmin University found that people prefer messages focused on product benefits and quality in slow-moving or slow-motion ads, while they prefer messages focused on product features and prices in fast-moving or fast-motion ads.

Let's Elevate Your Ads: Understanding the impact of ad speed on consumer perception is crucial. Let's work together to create ads that not only capture attention but also effectively convey your message, driving engagement and conversions.

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